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Heated Socks For Woman/ Men

Designer: Bambino Attire


Your baby will love them!

Be winter-ready with our Heated Socks we got you covered with our multi layered comfy heated socks. With high-grade cotton fabric with heating technology to keep your feet warm.

One of the newest (and, in our view) inventions in the snow sports gear world is heated ski socks. They’re exactly what they sound like – socks that are designed with an internal heating systems that keep your feet nice and warm while you’re outdoors.

Our heated socks can also help relieve poor circulation in your feet (one big reason why toes are probably cold often). Dr. Zinkin says the warmth from heated socks is like a heating pad; they can boost blood flow, but only temporarily. Staying active helps boost blood flow.

Our Heated Socks naturally work by holding more warm air closer to the skin, keeping your feet warmer for longer.

Our Heated socks are made to relieve you from cold feet. With well designed heating elements on the sole of your foot, you can feel the warmth spreading over your toes.

Whether you’re a skier or a snowboarder, a good quality pair of heated socks will help you stay comfortable, warm, and dry!

There are also plenty of times when you’d like to go fishing on a frosty day, hiking in the mountains, or go hunting in the forest on the coldest days of the year.


With all of the different qualities you could look for in our heated socks, the most important is warmth. People have different body temperatures and different abilities to retain heat in their extremities, the amount of warmth needed always differs from person to person. Remember that when you’re out on the slopes, your body will also generate more heat than when you are stationary!

Don't put yourself through another season of painfully cold temperatures and extreme weather, consider buying our socks and stay warm this winter. Our socks help give you efficient insulation, thanks to the lining. Our socks are equipped with an elastic cuff that hugs your calve so you never worry about readjusting your socks under the many layers of clothes you have on.

If you like to spend your time outdoors like us doing sports, camping or wandering through nature of any kind, then these socks should be on your radar. Made with soft acrylon fabric, these socks have a thick lining that stop your feet from losing heat during harsh tough snowy and windy weather.




  • Our Socks are multi-layered - Windproof, Heating layer, Warm layer
  • Ideal for indoor, outdoor and any sport use
  • Our Socks have a elastic in design 

Other Information:

  • Our Socks are Great For Winter: Unisex heated socks made of premium thickening cotton material, absorbent, breathable, quick-drying, elastic thickened, soft, which is perfect for variety of sports outdoors situations and almost any circumstances, especially ideal for climbing, cycling, motorcycling, walking the dog, skiing, snowboarding and hunting.
  • Forget Cold Feet: Our heated socks give you warmth and relief for cold feet from poor circulation when you need it most, arthritis, cold weather or if you just want more comfort and warmth.
  • A Great Gift: Great for use in colder weather when outdoors at work or at sports events. Our Heated socks are a great gift to give during this cold weather season and is the best gift. Perfect for any age and gender, great as a present.
  • Easy Use & Care: Heated socks are designed to feel warm, not hot. So if you prefer to wear two pairs of socks, the heated socks should be next to the skin. We recommend hand wash them in warm water with mild detergent, no machine dry, only hand dry or towel dry.

Features :

  • With a Far Infrared Fiber heating technology.
  • Best option for all kinds of outdoor activities like skiing, fishing, Jogging, hunting, cycling, hiking motor cycling, mountain climbing, walking dogs, running, shoveling snow, snow removal car windows on the ice and snow and so on.

How to use :

  • Wear like normal socks

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